Financial resources for federations/ councils

Use it to ensure that finances are reconciled, reviewed and reported throughout the year.

Financial team members, their roles and responsibilities and the 4-H program coordinator's role.

Include checking, savings, certificates of deposit and 4-H with the University of Minnesota Foundation.

How to develop a federation/council budget, steps for approval, systems and forms for tracking and reporting.

Receiving and depositing funds, buying goods and paying bills, clearing uncashed checks and checks returned for insufficient funds. Tools, such as tracking forms and help guides.

Policies to follow when generating, accounting for and using public dollars raised in the name of 4-H, the types of fundraising events and activities that are allowed, getting approval, managing and reporting on a fundraiser.

4-H federations/councils must maintain and file appropriate tax-related forms.

Accountability, best practices, year-end reporting, financial timeline, and retaining financial records

Chart of accounts/class list, help guides for entering data in QuickBooks, how to print reports.

A list of all of the forms on this website

Meanings of terms used in financial documents.