• Virtual trainings - tools and ideas to connect with youth in your club or program

  • Social and emotional learning - managing emotions, working with others and facing challenges

  • Being inclusive - equity & diversity, accessibility

  • Creating a safe environment

  • Empathy and feedback

  • 4-H learning environment

  • Making clubs welcoming

Training to complete and steps to follow if you want to meet face to face during the pandemic

Engage youth in online learning

  • Helping youth thrive

  • Create connections virtually

  • Support teens during challenging times

  • Self-care and mindfulness

  • Supporting growth and learning

Virtual activities for your club

  • Hold your meeting online

  • Demonstrations

  • Create a scavenger hunt

  • Social distance meeting resources

  • Chaperones

  • Club leaders

  • Project leaders

  • Treasurers (club and federation/council)

  • Resolving conflict

  • Being inclusive

  • Keeping youth safe

Training courses for volunteers and professional youth workers across the state.