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During 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many 4-H programs, projects, and clubs moved from in-person to online delivery. While Minnesota 4-H is currently offering programming in-person, skill development for online program delivery remains relevant. Resources from two, 4-part series offered online for volunteers in 2020 can be found below, as well as tips and tricks for leading groups online.

Helping youth thrive: Volunteer leadership development for unprecedented times (a 4-part series) 

During 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many 4-H programs, projects, and clubs moved from in-person to online delivery. Volunteers requested support with Zoom and online facilitation as well as resources for addressing youth needs related to mental well-being. In May 2020, the statewide volunteer systems team delivered a 4-part series focused on creating connections, working with teens, self-care, and supporting growth and learning. 

Documents and resources presented in this 4-part training series are linked below and stored in this Helping Youth Thrive collection Google Drive folder.

Explore some tools and ways to feel more comfortable connecting online

Help teens to stay resilient and hopeful 

Cultivate moments of being fully present and at peace

Facilitate conversations with intentional questions to encourage youth to dig deeper

2020 Annual Volunteer Training: Engaging youth online (a 4-part series)

During the fall and early winter of 2020, four 60-minute virtual gatherings were offered for volunteers to receive tools, resources, and ideas to connect with the youth in their club or program. These informational and conversational webinars took the place of the regularly scheduled 2020 Annual Volunteer Training. Participants were given time to network with other volunteers in breakout rooms to share thoughts, ideas, and challenges. Below are the resources shared with participants. While these webinars were recorded, they were not widely shared as much of the time was spent in small group discussion. If you would like to view recordings of these webinars, please contact your local 4-H Extension Educator.   

Webinar #1: Connect your group to kick off the 4-H year

This gathering shared ways to connect with youth in fun, interactive ways whether meeting virtually or in person. It also discussed multiple ways to select a youth leadership/club officer team. 

Resources shared

Webinar #2: Support youth wellbeing

This gathering shared activities and resources for supporting the wellbeing of youth whether meeting virtually or in person.  Shared during the gathering were quick and easy mindfulness exercises and guided meditations to help youth recognize and cope with their feelings; and simple ideas for creating art to practice mindfulness, self-expression and stress relief.

Resources shared

Webinar #3: Engage in project learning   

This gathering shared activities and resources for youth to engage in project learning with their club peers, ensuring that all parts of the experiential learning model (Do, Reflect, Apply) are happening when holding in-person or virtual activities for youth.  

Resources shared

Webinar #4: Community involvement

Community involvement is part of the 4-H pledge: “I pledge my hands to larger service.” Hear how staff and volunteers are involved in their community through service and community engagement activities. 

Resources shared

Virtual activities for your club: tips and tricks

Reminder: Even in a virtual meeting format, all 4-H events must include at least two screened 4-H volunteers

Hold your meeting online:

Learning activities and events that families can do from home


Kari Robideau, Extension educator,, 218-236-2013

Carrie Olson, Extension educator,, 320-589-1711

Becky Harrington, director of operations and systems,, 612-624-7974