Club treasurer training

Training for your club treasurer

The treasurer training will take you 60-75 minutes. You will pause the video at certain points while you complete an activity.

Please take the evaluation survey once you’ve completed all seven videos.

If you take this training in a group, your staff trainer will ask you to fill in a paper evaluation form.

What you will need for this training

Treasurer Training Workbook

Worksheets 1 and 2 (MS Word) - 1 copy per participant

Excel documents explained in the training

Excel checkbook ledger (459K XLSX)

Itemized income form (64K XLSX)

Monthly treasurer report (66K XLSX)

Monthly reconciliation form (68K XLSX)

Club treasurer binder

Cover page 

Creating the treasurer book - tabs and the binder suggestions

Treasurer training workbook  - print 2-sided and place behind the workbook tab


Pat Morreim, program manager,, 763-427-5428