On-demand, online trainings

Explore the links below to take online, on-demand courses designed for 4-H Youth Development Program volunteers. Visit the live webinars page for more information about live, online webinars being offered during the current program year.

Cloverbud volunteer training

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cloverbuds! 4-H volunteers, start here to gain a better understanding of working with Cloverbuds, our youngest 4-H'ers. The four videos in this 4-H volunteer training series are designed to support you in working with Cloverbuds (youth in grades K-2, typically 5-8 year-olds).

Watch the Cloverbud training videos


The 4-H learning environment

When young people join a 4-H program, they join for fun, but learning is the result. They learn about life skills, communications, problem-solving and decision-making through their projects and activities. What they learn through 4-H will help them in future careers and relationships. 

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Creating a welcoming 4-H environment: engage, encourage, and respect

Being part of a group, welcomed and respected is a priority in 4-H clubs and groups. A welcoming environment results in young people who are actively engaged and feel valued. This training covers four parts of a welcoming environment: safety, support, interaction and engagement. 

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Risk management: keeping youth safe

Effective risk management in 4-H programming requires knowledge of 4-H risk management policies and practices. This recorded training contains the same content as the face-to-face trainings offered to volunteers in county or tribal programs. Receive credit for completing this online version by recording your participation and giving feedback in this survey.

Watch Risk Management training.

The website link mentioned in the video has been changed to:  https://sites.google.com/umn.edu/4-h-volunteer/keep-youth-safe


Contact your local 4-H Extension Educator if you need help or more information.

4-H chaperone policies and procedures

Chaperones provide leadership and supervision for youth during away-from-home experiences. This training covers roles, expectations, and best practices when chaperoning young people on trips, retreats, and events.

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Looking for State Fair-specific chaperone resources? Check out the 4-H state fair chaperone resources page.

Increasing cultural awareness and equity in Extension programs: an introduction to cultural competency for 4-H volunteers

4-H volunteers play an important role in ensuring that young people of all identities and cultures experience a sense of safety and belonging in 4-H spaces. This training explores how volunteers can work to work toward cultural competency; the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that are required to be culturally responsive volunteers; and how to recognize and improve our organizational culture.

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This module is hosted on the Extension Campus platform. In order to participate in the training, you will need to create an Extension Campus account. Navigate to the Extension Campus homepage and follow the account creation instructions. Once logged in, simply search the training title, Increasing cultural awareness and equity in Extension programs: an introduction to cultural competency for 4-H volunteers, to find the training. Note: Modules 1 + 2 are designed for Extension staff members. Module 3 is designed specifically for volunteers. 


Becky Harrington, director of operations and systems, willi107@umn.edu, 612-624-7974

Pat Morreim, morre002@umn.edu, 763-427-5428 (Risk management only)