University equity & diversity resources

Below are some of the resources that are available from the University of Minnesota. Please contact your local Extension office if you have any questions about how to access or use these resources.

University of Minnesota Extension Equity, Culture and Identity Resources (internal site)

Office for Equity & Diversity (external site) advocates for diversity

Disability Resource Center (external site) - reduces barriers based on disabilities

Gender & Sexuality Center for Queer & Trans Life (external site) - education, advocacy, outreach and support for queer and trans life persons

Institute for Diversity, Equity & Advocacy (external site) - increase participation, retention & success of historically under-represented  groups

Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (external site) - support, skills and interventions for historically marginalized groups

Women's Center (external site) - advocates for gender equity across identities 


Anne Stevenson, Extension educator,,, 763-767-3883