Federations & councils

Role of local councils & federations

Local stewards of the 4-H program

Each local program has a federation or council that makes decisions about their local program, including a budget for local 4-H programming. 


Finance team members, who does what

Checking, savings, certificates of deposit, University of Minnesota Foundation

Develop a budget, steps for approval, systems & forms for tracking & reporting

Deposits, purchases, uncashed or insufficient funds checks, tracking forms & guides

Fundraising approval, management & reporting

Best practices, year-end reporting, financial timeline, financial records

Maintain and file tax forms


When to reconcile, review and report

Standard list of accounts to use

Financial forms needed during the year

User guides, video tutorials, printing reports

Meanings of words we use in financial documents


Pat Morreim, program manager, morre002@umn.edu, 763-427-5428