Activity leaders

Role description for activity leader

As a 4-H activity leader, you will

  • Help members to choose age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate activities

  • Encourage members to reflect on their learning

  • Identify community resources and connections to make this activity possible

  • Connect with club administrative volunteer to ensure there are supplies, procedures are followed, etc.


  • Support the positive growth and development of each youth involved

  • Develop important life skills and creates opportunities for youth to learn, lead and serve

  • Involve youth in becoming competent, caring, and connected citizens of character in their community

Time required

  • Varies; estimated at 4 hours per month for six months

This role is ideal for

  • People who enjoy group teaching and sharing knowledge and skills with youth

  • Effective communicators with youth, parents, and other adult volunteers and staff

  • Great delegators willing to work with other volunteers to plan activities



Becky Harrington, director of operations and systems,, 612-624-7974

Contact your local 4-H office