Annual volunteer training library

2023 annual volunteer training: 4-H for all abilities (90-min) 

Statewide webinar  

The 2023 Annual Volunteer Training “4-H for All Abilities” is about creating inclusive environments for youth with disabilities. Almost 17% of public school students in Minnesota receive special education services through their school. This means that all 4-H programs have participants with disabilities.  

Explore this 90 minute closed-captioned recording on how our programs can build their capacity to better support this important underserved audience of young people. Click here to access the resource links handout for the training, including a copy of the slide deck, participant handouts and more! 

If you would like to explore this topic further, join us for a series of deep diver webinars. Get more information from our flyer or our live webinars page.

Local 4-H programs are working hard to ensure that 2-3 volunteers from each club, project, activity or event, attend this annual volunteer training on behalf of their 4-H group. Statewide webinars are just one way to attend. Connect with your local 4-H Extension Educator to learn more about the possibility of local, in-person offerings or search the UMN Extension courses and event page for specific details.

2022 annual volunteer training: learning as adventure (75-min) 

The 2022 Minnesota 4-H Annual Volunteer Training focused on Learning as adventure and how volunteers can create the context for youth to grow their learning comfort zones. Online statewide and in-person in select local programs, participants learned practical activities and tools for supporting young people in managing stress, stepping into new experiences with courage, and taking ownership of their learning. Click here to access handouts for the 2022 statewide Annual Volunteer Training webinars, including a copy of the PowerPoint slide deck, activity guides and more!

A closed-captioned recording of our 2022 Minnesota 4-H Annual Volunteer Training: Learning as adventure statewide webinar (offered Tues. Oct. 25th @ 7:00 PM) is temporarily available via the links above and left. UMN Extension online learning and delivery experts find that learning via recorded webinar can be minimally satisfactory for learners. This video will remain available through Spring 2023 at which point, it will be removed. Training resources will remain available on this webpage. 

Note: At minute 29 of the live webinar, participants viewed a YouTube video detailing the concept of growth mindset. Participants viewing the recording are encouraged to stop the recording at minute 29 and view the same video by Dr. Jeannie Leob and others from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (based on the work of Carol Dweck of Stanford University) on YouTube before returning to the AVT recording. 

A spark is a passion for a self-identified interest or skill that metaphorically lights a fire in a young person’s life, providing energy, joy, purpose, and direction. Youth sparks are an essential ingredient for thriving. This 75-minute volunteer training had the goal of understanding sparks and how adults can support youth in their development. 

During the fall and early winter of 2020, four 60-minute virtual gatherings were offered for volunteers to receive tools, resources, and ideas to connect with the youth in their club or program. These informational and conversational webinars took the place of the regularly scheduled 2020 Annual Volunteer Training. Participants were given time to network with other volunteers in breakout rooms to share thoughts, ideas, and challenges. Below are the resources shared with participants. While these webinars were recorded, they were not widely shared as much of the time was spent in small group discussion. If you would like to view recordings of these webinars, please contact your local 4-H Extension Educator. See the Online and virtual skills page for more detailed information and resources shared ruing these webinars.