Independent member county coordinator role description

Role description for independent member county coordinator


Provide experiences that promote a positive youth development experience for all independent members.

Time required

October 1 - September 30 of the 4-H year


  • Inform and encourage members, and other family members to participate actively in appropriate 4-H opportunities.

  • Welcome parents’ ideas, activity and project assistance, cooperation, and support.

  • Serve as a liaison among the local Extension office staff, 4-H members and their family members regarding 4-H group programs.

  • Meet with teams (mentor and member) to review resources and materials available (either all teams as a group or individual teams).

This role is ideal for an individual with

  • An ability to organize and motivate youth while nurturing positive youth development, decision making, responsibility and leadership in youth

  • The ability to delegate responsibility effectively

  • The ability to work and communicate effectively in both verbal and written form

  • The ability to motivate and coach other volunteers in leadership positions


  • Experience working with youth

  • Training to enhance personal skills and knowledge


Becky Harrington, director of operations and systems,, 612-624-7974