Family & community

Getting the family and community involved

Family involvement

The world of the young child revolves around his or her family even as he or she seeks greater involvement with peers and other adults. The interest and involvement of family members in 4-H Cloverbuds is an important support for the program.

Family members should be encouraged to participate in the program in any way they can. Invite them to help with field trips or special projects, share leadership of the group, or simply take time to talk with their child about activities.

Scheduling activities that are family-focused is another way to encourage family involvement. If you make families aware of their importance to 4-H Cloverbuds, they are more likely to participate.

Community supports

The greater community provides a rich resource base from which you may draw. Often citizens with special skills or interests are eager to share their knowledge with children, if invited to do so. Field trips bring added relevancy to topics you are exploring with the group.

There are also opportunities available that allow children to participate in and contribute to their community. These community service activities give children a chance to connect with their communities and take pride in their accomplishments.


Becky Harrington, director of operations and systems,, 612-624-7974